Fault Detection

Mixer does not move at all

This usually indicates an electrical problem.  Start with the simple things first.  Always remove the power plug from the wall if you are working inside the machine.

Does it work in another socket?  If yes, the socket is at fault.

Does it have a fuse in the plug?  If yes, has it blown?

Does it have an overload trip switch on the side (only on a few mixers at the rear, picture to follow)?  If yes, press it to reset.

Have the brushes been worn out?  Procedure to check will follow.

Are the brushes the right way round?  This is VERY common.  It is surprising how often curious fingers undo the brush caps and the brush "pings" out.  Often the brushes are replaced the wrong way round.  Use a torch to check (instructions in Procedure to check/change brushes).

Remove the end cover, have any connections worked off the control plate?  Are any cables broken?

Look at the action of the speed lever. In position 1 it should push the control plate back and allow the connections at the base of the plate to close.  

If you haven't found the problem by now, it is likely to be (in order of likelihood) phase board, control plate,  RF filter (if fitted), cabling, armature or field assembly.

Mixer smokes

This is never a good sign.  It is likely that wiring has come loose inside the mixer.  This will need the head to be taken apart and all electrical parts checked.

Mixer drips oil into food

Sometimes this happens after many years of use.  It may be corrected simply by removing the drip ring, cleaning it and putting it back on.  This should keep the oil out for some time.  In some cases the grease has become to thin and may overwhelm the drip ring quickly or leak out through other places.  In this case it may be best to remove the grease and replace with fresh grease and replace the motor housing gasket.

Mixer runs rough

Rough running is often caused by worn brushes.  See the brush replacement process for more details.  Rough running can also be caused by worn or broken teeth on the worm gear.  It is also possible that the governor or control plate are at fault.

Mixer runs too fast in slowest setting

This usually means the speed needs to be reset.  It is also possible that the speed lever screw is too loose and the lever is moving of its own accord.

Speed lever moves too easily

Try tightening the screw that holds the speed lever into place.  If this does not work a new speed lever may help.

The black knob has fallen off the speed lever

The black knob is part of the lever.  The whole lever needs to be purchased separately.

Mixer sparks and makes burning smell

The most likely cause is worn motor brushes.

Mixer runs but beater won't turn

The most likely cause is a failed worm gear. 

Mixer beater turns for a bit then stops

The most likely cause is a failed worm gear. 

Mixer works with nothing in the bowl but stops when ingredients added

The most likely cause is a failed worm gear. 

Beater scrapes bottom of bowl

The head needs adjusting.  See Tilt Mixer Head Height Adjustment

Beater too high in bowl

The head needs adjusting.  See Tilt Mixer Head Height Adjustment